Thursday, August 15, 2013

Wild Inside: The Original Martinique Wallpaper

You saw that Wild banana leaf print on the Tahiti Deck Chair but where did it's inspiration come from? Wallpaper!

The original Martinique "A" Wallpaper and it's variations have been featured everywhere. From stylish Tribeca lofts, to the Beverly Hills Hotel, to even the set of the Golden Girls. In fact, it has been dubbed "one of the most recognizable wallpapers in the world".

Classic luxury begins in Beverly Hills, which is where it is most famously used to adorn the walls of the Beverly Hills Hotel. It was created by Don Loper in 1942 for this project. This tropical print enlists burgundy, green, and deep mustard to bring banana leaves to life and transport any space to the outdoors.

There are many imitators out there and some come very close as you'll see below. One common mix-up is the use of the "Brazilience" wallpaper by Dorothy Draper in West Virginia's Greenbrier Hotel (last photo below).

Any variation on this print is fine with me!

Check out some images of this Wild wallpaper used in real life (below).




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